Our Story

Etive Watches was born from an opportunity created in the midst of the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Stemming from my enduring personal interest in luxury watches and an appreciation for their design, I have aimed to build a stylish and affordable brand for any occasion.

Following my graduation from university, I faced the issue of having no watch to match the ambition of my future with my limited budget. I recognised this as a gap I could fill and after two years working in engineering, I pursued designing and distributing affordable watches.

Whilst still committed to progressing my engineering career and also running Etive Watches, I engaged my dad in helping with the day-to-day tasks that make us a genuine family-run business.

Daniel, Etive Watches

One of the most challenging parts of starting a company is coming up with its name. My introduction to the Scottish Mountains was a climb up Buachaille Etive Mòr, an experience that has always been a fond memory of mine. Famed for its triangular shape, it was my inspiration for the logo featured today. On reflection with dad, he mirrors my admiration of Glen Etive as a favourite Scottish location. 

Designing, starting and running a company with my dad has been a pleasure so far and I hope you find as much joy from using your watch as I have had designing them.